“Ze o Ze,” the This or This Shoes

Ever feel like you need a quick change in shoes, but home is so far away that you have no choice, but to stay in the pair you’ve chosen? Well, you no longer have to carry your whole pairs of shoes, why not just swap the front or back end of it?

Israeli designer Daniela Bekerman has designed what could possibly be the next big thing in women’s fashion, the Ze o Ze shoes (Ze o Ze in Hebrew means “This or This”). Many of us work a 9-5 job and plenty of times we are invited to a date or to join happy hour with our girls, but we don’t want the burden of having to carry our pumps in our bags, no, that’s such a hassle! So why not try the modular shoes and go from flats to pumps in a quick second!

Click here to learn more about Daniela Bekerman and her projects!


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