It’s a Hoodie! It’s a Shirt! It’s A Bag! It’s All Three?

Yes, ladies, it is no joke! Stephanie Simek has done it big time. Consider this garment your new best friend especially if you’re always on the run like me and live in a very unpredictable environment such as Miami, FL where one minute is shining and the next is pouring.

In a quick flash you can run to the groceries on a rainy day with your hoodie, contribute to the planet by not using bags and turning the hoodie into a bag and finally head on to the gym with your sporty shirt that was recently your bag. Whoa, wasn’t that a easy fix to your daily errands? Although a bit pricy in the long run this triple thread item that can be braided, twisted, wrapped, knotted and much more is definitely worth buying.

Click here to learn more about Stephanie Simek!


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